Vulcan 650 Custom Seat Charcoal Square Chain (Full)

Vulcan 650 Custom Seat Charcoal Square Chain (Full) 1

Vulcan 650 Custom Seat Charcoal Square Chain (Full) Motorcycle Seat by Cruzn Trimming

Cruzn Trimming were happy to help Wayne who had purchased a Vulcan 650 and found the stock seat to be to uncomfortable for rides. Wayne had changed from pegs to floor boards hoping this would help with his riding positioning and unfortunately found very little change.

The team advised Wayne on the best way to modify his seat to get full enjoyment out of his rides and a comfortable position where his legs and feet would have ultimate comfortability for a full days ride.
Wayne came in looking for comfort over style but now enjoys his rides with both.

Custom Seat Modifications:

  • Moved him forward
  • Modified seat to suit riders positioning

Custom Seat Softening:

  • Did a foam reconstruction for rider and added a gel pad using the Cruzn Trimming ergo foam reconstruction layering system

Custom Seat Design:

  • Trimmed with Cruzn Digital Stitching digitally stitched square interlocked on black marine grade vinyl with charcoal stitching
  • Top stitched in charcoal to match

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