Sportster 1200 Custom Seat – Blue N Orange Angle Arrows – Luv Ya Rides Embroidery

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom Motorcycle Seat by Cruzn Trimming

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This is Kim’s Harley Davidson Sporty 1200 Custom which we modified the seat based on both Shane's and Kim's vision to match the custom paint job.

As Kim had come from riding sports bikes to a cruiser, she wanted mid controls on it, instead of the forward controls so we swapped them over.
This pushed her back in the seat so she was sitting on the ridge instead of in the seat.
She also wanted to have the seat follow the shape of her bike so we used a Lepera seat.
We softened the seat and moulded out the back so that she was sitting in the seat instead of on it.

Kim also designed the pattern specifically for her seat and used colours to match both her custom paint job and Cruzn Rides and Cruzn Trimming business colours which is on a suede insert panel.

The embroidery Luv Ya Rides is to match one of our sub-businesses.

Custom Seat Modifications / Rider Positioning Changes:

  • Moved her back so she’s not sitting on the ridge of the seat
  • Reshaped the back for more back support

Custom Seat Softening:

  • Did a foam reconstruction and added a gel pad using the Cruzn Trimming ergo foam reconstruction layering system

Custom Seat Design:

  • Trimmed with Cruzn Digital Stitching digitally stitched Angled Arrows (140) pattern in blue and orange stitching on suede
  • Top stitched in orange to match
  • Luv Ya Rides embroidered on back face of seat

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Custom Motorcycle Seats tailor-made to your individual riding positioning, modified for comfort and trimmed for style. We get you sitting in your seat, not on it!

Qualified auto upholstery trimmer with over 30 years trimming and riding experience. We specialise in motorbike seats.

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