BMW F900XR Custom Motorcycle Seats

BMW F900XR Custom Motorcycle Seat by Cruzn Trimming

BMW F900XR Custom Motorcycle Seat Cruzn Trimming
Chris brought his 2020 BMW F900XR motorcycle seat to Cruzn Trimming because he wanted it lowered and a copy of a factory XR seat.
We dropped it down 2 inches for him, added a gel pad and custom trimmed the seat in a 2 tone suede with single diamond stitching
👍“It’s a very nice change to the original.. I haven’t had a chance to take it on a 100k+ ride yet but so far it’s miles better.. ” Chris 👍
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Custom Motorcycle Seats tailor-made to your individual riding positioning, modified for comfort and trimmed for style. We get you sitting in your seat, not on it!

Qualified auto upholstery trimmer with over 30 years trimming and riding experience. We specialise in motorbike seats.

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