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Custom Motorcycle Seats by Cruzn Trimming

As you'll know, most stock motorcycle seats and pillion seats are damn uncomfortable!

Your seat might be ok for a quick spurt but anything longer and you end up with a sore and numb bum.

Getting your motorcycle seat customised to suit your seat position and riding style can make a huge difference and your bum (and your pillion) will love you for it.

Scroll down to see examples of custom motorcycle seats

Motorbike Seats custom trimmed for comfort and style by a qualified auto upholstery trimmer with over 30 years experience

Get in touch to discuss your needs. We can also make or trim your tool rolls, tank and fender bibs to match.

Looking at getting your motorcycle seats customised?

Check out some examples of our Cruzn Trimming custom motorcycle seats

Triumph Rocket Custom Motorcycle Seat Cruzn Trimming
Motorcycle Seats
Cruz'n Rides

Triumph Rocket Motorbike Seat

Triumph Rocket Custom Motorcycle Seat by Cruzn Trimming Re-trimmed and Re-designed Triumph Rocket Seat This Triumph Rocket Motorcycle Seat was custom trimmed in a double

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To Discuss Options For Your Custom Motorcycle Seats

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