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Cruzn Trimming Custom Motorcycle Seats

As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know how uncomfortable the stock motorcycle seats can be!

Cruzn Trimming can soften and reshape your motorcycle seat for comfort and style so you are sitting in your seat instead of on it!


Having a comfortable motorcycle seat, tailor-made just for you, can make a huge difference to your riding experience and can help you to:

  • have more confidence and better handling of your bike
  • reduce fatigue and discomfort while riding
  • allow you to enjoy your ride for longer periods
  • improve your posture and reach
  • reduce the risk of back pain and other physical discomforts.
  • focus on your ride and not on your aches and pains.
  • improve your mental state while riding

If you have back issues, we can design a seat to suit your needs.

Vulcan 650 custom seat blue double diamond full seamless example
  • Shane is a qualified Auto Trimmer with over 30 years experience and been riding since he could hold a bike up.
  • Kim designs, programs and stitches the CNC digital patterns and has been riding since 2006
  • We do foam reconstructions for both rider and pillion seats and backrests using the Cruzn Trimming ergo foam reconstruction layering system
  • We can adjust your seat’s height, width, ride position and shape to fit your height, body and riding style.

We can design and trim your seat to your specifications 

  • Various materials in a wide range of colours with top thread stitch colours to match your ride:
    • Premium, Hard Wearing, Marine Grade Vinyl,
    • Suede 
    • Leather, Croc, Snake etc,
    • or a combination of the above
  • Plain or choose a Cruzn Digital Stitching panel in your choice of pattern and thread colour (panels are stitched on site on our CNC stitching machine)
  • Re-use your existing cover (dependent on seat modifications)
  • Embroidery
Cruzn Digital Stitching seat insert panels

We take great pride in our work. It is important to us that your finished seat is high quality, comfortable and looks great too.


Regardless whether you are local or interstate, no rider likes to be without their seat for an extended period of time.

Our booking options are structured to minimise the time that you are without your seat whilst ensuring your seat modifications are not compromised on build and quality.

We stock a growing range of seats to offer as a loan seat or a seat swap service.

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Cruz'n Trimming Custom Trimming Auto Upholsterer

We also do Car Interiors and Marine Upholstery – restorations, reshaping, repairs and retrims.

Cruzn Trimming is a part of the Cruzn Rides Group.

TEXT Shane details on and he will ring you back
0423 949 650

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